For HR Teams

Centralise, Digitise and Automate

Erango gives you a place to centralise and digitise your audit and training records. Whether it’s e-learning, classroom training, SOPs or briefings, Erango can store the material, the enrolments, and the audit information to help you keep your HR information aligned.

View Company-Wide Competencies and Compliance

Create competencies with behaviours that define your business roles, allowing you to measure the soft skills in your workforce. Record against an employee the behaviours and levels they have, then compare that to their current job role to see if they fit the requirements and where the training gaps are.

Provides your people with visibility on how they match up against their role and areas they may need to work on to progress further in the company.

Track Skills

While measuring behaviours and soft skills gives you an understanding of how someone is performing, there are times when fundamental hard skills are needed.

Skills are defined against a job as ‘Mandatory’ or ‘Nice To Have’ and completed training will then grant the skills, or if the skills are externally assessed, users with the correct permission can manually grant the skill and upload documentary evidence.

Skills can be set up to have expiry dates, allowing you to view when an employee’s particular skill expires and book training as appropriate. Skills gaps are quickly and easily identified and provide a simple auditable approach to workplace management.

By profiling an employees skills you can see prospects and backfill roles in critical areas if the need arises. As skills can be granted by training or for SOPs, you can ensure that the person has exactly the rights skills required for the job.

Track learning and engagement

With a fully SCORM compliant LMS, you can upload any SCORM courses you may already have, or talk to us about the courses that we can offer. Skills can be configured to be granted at the end of training and you can measure progress through the training.

Through the use of programmes, you can create specific or generalised training pathways for people to take, which makes sure that they get the learning they need and are not caught up in a generalised training approach that covers aspects that do not relate to their role.

Learning can also be completed offline. With our Powerpoint plugin and our game show style “clickers”, you can hold offline classroom training, but still capture assessment response for each individual attending.

For HR Directors

Competency & Skills Overview

Providing you with a top-down view across the business, you can see the overview of what your key business competencies and behaviours are and where in the business sector they sit. Coupled with this is the hard skill overview giving you a full picture of the competency and skills across the business.

Future Workforce

Use Erango’s overview of information to help plan for the future, identify skill and competency shortfalls in advance, or use Erango to add new jobs and profiles to understand new future training requirements.


Ensure that your workforce is compliant with the industry that they are working in, and also ensure that users of Erango only see what they should see in the system. While some users require an overview, Erango can use Control Mechanism in place to restrict a user view and what actions they can take in Erango.

For Line Managers

More Informed Appraisals

View an employees current behaviour levels, and change them as they move through their career to reflect their journey.

Use the defined behaviours to quickly and easily set SMART objectives for the upcoming period. Use the inbuilt assessment tool to capture information from the employee in advance and work with HR to create custom training plans for employees.

View and Manage Skills

See your reports skill profiles and understand skill gaps and shortages in advance, helping you plan and tailor your workforce to your specific needs.

Identify the opportunity to back fill a role if needed by seeing prospects that meet the skill requirements.

Learning – Anywhere

Give updated briefing for SOPs and capture signature response, which can be done offline. Ensuring that you know your staff will have seen any changes that are required and ensuring compliance.

Create custom training, especially useful for process management, and capture the assessment of the training into Erango. Training can be delivered offline as well, whether it’s in a classroom or demonstrating instructions for the use of specific equipment, the results can still be captured.