Pricing and Buying Online

If you’re looking for a new HR platform, Erango and it’s eLearning can be purchased online through a credit card subscription. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to purchase a subscription through invoice.

Our pricing depends on the number of records. We operate a monthly rolling contract, allowing you to flex up accordingly. Need to increase size of the team during a peak period of the year? No problem! Want to drop the numbers down in off-peak? That’s absolutely fine too! The flexibility our pricing offers means we can always meet your needs.

Why charge per person rather than for each HR user? We think that each team member should be engaged with Erango. Starting with the Directors and filtering down through your business, Erango supports management of teams and employees taking responsibility for their own learning. This way, all employees can login and manage their own skills and competencies, book absence and more!

So if you’re looking for a HR platform that provides the ultimate value, take a look at our pricing below…

Buying for less than 25 team members?

If you have less than 25 team members, then there is a flat fee of £25 a month. Click here to signup and buy a subscription online

Payment is taken by credit card and runs as a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

Team larger than 25 headcount?

We operate a sliding scale of charges based on the number of users, starting at £1 for user numbers between 25 and 99 and as low as £0.50p for 1000.

Please contact us or call 0800 198 1168 for more information. Alternatively click here to sign up online.

Over 1000 users for your HR platform?

We offer enterprise licencing for companies looking to add over 1000 users, please contact us or call 0800 198 1168

Looking to buy accredited e-learning courses?

We have a range of e-learning courses that you can buy online to include in your course library. The courses charged on a per credit basis and credit can be bought in advance with a discount for bulk purchases.

There is no expiry date on the course credits so you can continue to use them into the future!

Current courses available include:

  • Manual Handling
  • Health and Safety Level 1 (Accredited)
  • Food Safety Level 1
  • Food Safety Level 2 (Accredited)
  • Allergens
  • GDPR
  • Reading Listening and Numeracy Assessment