Record the competencies and behaviours required for a job.


Record skills against a job where hard and fast requirements need to be met.


View at a glance audit information, including qualifications, skills and certificates.

Mobile Compatible

Training can be completed using on mobiles and tablets.


Create and record assessments, to measure a learners progress


View with ease the prospects that have the skills to work in a job.

Auto Enrolment

Allows you to assign common courses to learners automatically!

SCORM Compliant

Upload any SCORM complaint course into the system.

Classroom Learning

Erango has the ability to integrate with our classroom response system.

Standard Operating Procedures

Upload and record compliance with standard operating procedures.


Innovation and technology are the lifeblood of every successful business; both underpin the successful delivery of sustainable change and improvement. We are leading the way in creating new solutions and approaches that add value for clients. 

Erango helps HR and Training teams to effectively manage and report on the skills, competencies and experience within their business. It serves the dual purpose of helping to map out learning and development – giving plain sight of the workforce’s skills and qualification and learning journey progress. 


Help employees understand their current competencies and how they relate to their current role. By having a competency profile against a job, backed by defined behaviours for measurement, employees and managers can understand their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their training appropriately.

By comparing their competency profile against other jobs, employees can quickly see their progression paths and what shortfalls they need to address in their behaviours.


As competencies cover the softer side of a job role, skills reflect their more regulated side. Be it a forklift truck licence, proof of right to work or Food Safety Level 2 certification, Erango allows you to set mandatory skills against a job, and compare your workforce against those skills.

Identify upcoming compliance/regulatory gaps, to make sure that training is arranged in time. The system also allows you to see staff members in other roles who meet these requirements, allowing for backfill allocation.


Store all your employees’ audit documents in one location. Quickly see at a glance whether an employee has the required skills for a job, when the qualification was gained, when it expires, the certificate associated with that skill and any other required documentation.

Standard Operating Procedures

Managing changes to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be a challenge for many businesses, but with Erango you can track who has completed the update briefings based on their skills allocation.

Storing the SOPs can be done either in Erango or a document storage library and updates to an SOP can trigger a re-training requirement, which means you can easily track that everyone has been briefed on the updates by a certain date.

Helping ensure compliance not only on initial training but through the career lifecycle is critical in a world where standards need to be upheld to the maximum. This is a critical part of business risk management as it helps to prove that people are competent and have received regular training. This could also be welcomed by insurers.